Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Xi-tler's Pope.

In the latest Angelus address given by Pope Francis on July 5, he intentionally dropped a pre-written paragraph in reference to Hong Kong’s new national security law, which has drawn much international criticism.

According to Italian journalist Marco Tosatti, who reported the incident on his blog, shortly before the papal audience, journalists were advised that the Pope would not deliver remarks in reference to the situation in Hong Kong. No explanation was given by the Vatican for the last-minute change.

The text distributed to the journalists beforehand stated the Pope’s concern about recent developments in Hong Kong, saying,

“I hope therefore that all the people involved will know how to face the various problems with a spirit of far-sighted wisdom and authentic dialogue. This requires courage, humility, non-violence, and respect for the dignity and rights of all. I thus express the desire that societal freedom, and especially religious freedom, be expressed in full and true liberty, as indeed various international documents provide for it.”

With each new example of mincing deference to Beijing, this unverified accusation gains more credibility.

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