Friday, July 31, 2020

Institutional Rot.

The most important revelation from the Jeffrey Epstein case document drop is not the names of the perverts who were serviced.

No, the most important revelation is how deferentially the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation managed the matter.

When you don't interview all of the victims, you won't learn about more perpetrators or potential networks.

Big sighs of relief there. As there no doubt were when the non-prosecution agreement was drafted--with the help of one very prominent co-conspirator. Contrary to law, of course.

The level of corruption here is a choking smog.

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  1. And frankly, it is the whole Epstein matter which makes me re-think my dismissal of the much-derided "Pizzagate" imbroglio.

    The mis-prosecution of Epstein happened in open court, over the course of two different Administrations.

    When you refuse to look for something, you won't find it. Which prompts the question: what don't you want to find?


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