Friday, April 03, 2015

The political landscape, going forward.

Hey, social conservatives, good news, bad news. You want the bad news first?


The bad news is the Left wants to destroy you. 

The good news is that the GOP will stand right by your side and tell you why you deserve it.

The elites know what is best for you, and you’ll like it. 

Say what you will about Adulterous Arnie, it is crystal-clear he's speaking for the establishment.
And if you keep supporting people who are willing to sacrifice you in the name of expediency, then you will deserve it, at least in part.

So stop supporting them. The GOP establishment--policy-setting and control of the party machinery-- is entirely in thrall to corporate interests.

The Republicans stand for the following principle: they will faithfully wield power on behalf of corporate interests. Full stop. Everything else is negotiable--and usually negotiated away at the first hint of inconvenience--meaning, bad press. Conscience rights, abortion restrictions, state control of health care, fiscal sanity, doing something about ending the stream of exploitable workers in the worst labor market in history--all of that is merely boilerplate to keep you going to the polls, donating to them, stuffing envelopes and manning the GOTV machinery. 

The entire platform consists of empty word service and screaming "Hillary, Booga Booga! You don't want that, do you, rube?! Vote for us and we'll protect you from the Bad People!! Hillary!"

And then you dutifully elect the GOP and they turn around and round file your concerns, fund/administer everything enacted by the Bad People!! and happily cut deals with them on behalf of the Corporate Masters.

If you're looking for some greater principle, you're going to be disappointed. It's become painfully, grotesquely obvious by now. If you keep settling for getting stabbed in the back because you somehow rationalize that it's better than being stabbed in the front, again, you deserve it. When push comes to shove, they shove you. Right out of the picture.

If the corporate string-pullers don’t like it–they don’t like spending limits, abortion restrictions (gotta keep the underpaid women in the office) or the slightest control of the border, either (need that exploitable labor)–it doesn’t happen.

The GOP has spoken, and they want to be moderate-ish Democrats.

So, stop being a cheap date and start actively fighting them. Support a living wage--Walmart, et al are happy to sacrifice your rights, so kick them in their dangling bottom line, good and hard. Plus, it's the right thing to do, and you can usually get the Dems to agree to exclude the smaller employers. 

The financial sector is sitting on a monstrous pile of money, borrowed from your grandkids by Ben Bernanke to prop up People Who Count, murdering the finances of people who have the slightest sense of thrift. Start taxing it back. Make them disgorge it. 

Too big to fail, my ass: time for a new, robust dedication to anti-trust. Yes, you'll find yourself on the side of the Bad People!! But you will sure as Hell have the horrified attention of the GOP. 

It's not the left you have to teach to fear you--they're insane, and could care less. It's our former routine backstabber "friends" who have to learn a hard lesson. Starting right now. Oderint dum metuant.

 And you just might make the world a better place in the process.

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