Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Theology of Love," eh?

Theology of the Boner is more like it. If you're ever curious about what you can get away with and still call yourself Catholic, take a look at the Huns--it's a lot. Just take it easy on that whole love of Tradition thing, Cryptolefebvrian.

Me, I'm just kicking back and watching it burn this year. Heather and the kids are doing well, I've only obliterated one lawnmower blade so far this year, and we've got stuff to read. 

And even my fifteen year old Buick Regal has stopped trying to poison or rattle me to death. Though I destroyed one of its tires on I-94. And I do mean destroyed:

Oh, and I lost and miraculously found my smartphone along Eight Mile Road last week. An age of technological wonders...which I enjoy. 

Coupled with burgeoning human wilfulness...which I don't.

 Sounds exciting!

So, how y'all been?

The GOP Garbage Squad.

Nine awful human beings whose views are unworthy of the slightest respect. Especially after caterwauling about spending money on Ukraine, no...