Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Triumph of the Epsilons.

It's bad enough that people are both stupid enough to confuse the two and woke enough to be certain in their stupidity.

It's worse to give the proudly-stupid people what they want
People have asked the couple to remove the flag, confronting them directly and online. The Offenbeckers have never been threatened, but they have been accused of promoting racism.
The latest person to email the Offenbeckers about the flag on their property informed them that they should be "ashamed."
"How could we be so bigoted and close minded, this person wrote, and I was really hurt because I feel like we’ve done a lot to integrate into this small community and be part of St. Johns," Kjersten Offenbecker said.
She doesn't want people to believe they are something they aren't any longer.
The couple took the Norwegian and the American flag down last week.
Bad call. I understand not wanting to deal with the ignorant, but conceding ground on this point is only a victory for the mob. A very dim mob at that.

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