Friday, July 17, 2020

Don't let the door hit ya...

I was originally a bit intrigued when Justin Amash won his Congressional seat in Western Michigan in 2010. A young, articulate strongly-libertarian Republican and pro-lifer, he promised to add a valuable voice to the halls of Congress.

How wrong I was.

He made the occasional interesting speech about liberty, but voted against a sex-selection abortion ban in 2012, claiming it was a "thought-crime" bill. Odd, but otherwise he was solidly pro-life in his voting record, even if there was not the slightest chance of passing anything during his first six years in Congress.

And then with the election of 2016 he began fretting loudly about "hyper-partisanship" (from Republicans) and not at all about abuse of FISA warrants and out-of-bounds law enforcement activity.

Because why would a "principled libertarian" care about politically-motivated surveillance and government overreach?

Now he's announced that he's not running for reelection at all, so I can happily watch the door hit his tuchus on the way out.

From here on out, he can spend more time crafting his brand and continuing to evolve into what most libertarians are: upscale leftists who like cheap foreign goods and decriminalizing narcotics.


Be reasonably civil. Ire alloyed with reason is fine. But slagging the host gets you the banhammer.

It'll be fine.

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