Friday, July 10, 2020

The future of cancellation culture.

In saner times, a friend of mine once said during the sexual abuse scandals that the Catholic Church would one day be vilified for policies against child abuse. Not sure if he believes the same now--changing times and circumstances have altered his perspectives on a good many things. At a minimum, I doubt he would repeat that prediction in public.

Regardless, he was on to something, given the rapid disintegration in the consensus on sexual mores which followed the no-fault divorce revolution which began in the 1960s.

But happily for some, there will always be people who are cancel-proof. For example, if the former teenager is a valuable member of a progressive vote farm or holds an office too valuable to concede to the opposition, then there is literally nothing that person could have said or done in the past that would damage their standing. Look at Governor Blackface-Or-Klan-Hood in Virginia, Joy Reid, and Justin Trudeau, to name but three.

Hail the Daily Party Line and all will be well for you.

For everyone else, the gulag beckons.

I'd say we're about ten years out from soft-focus sympathetic "mainstream" media portraits of child sexual abusers. But then again, I'm always an incorrigible optimist.

Hat-tip to Ace for the find.


  1. Been discussing this on some places on the web. It was noted by others that there seems to be a pattern of pedo stuff eventually getting pushed and then backlashes occurring to push everything back.

    Will they just keep at it until eventually there is no pushback? Or is there a line which absolutely will not be crossed? Who knows, but I like to have some hope that the instinct to protect kids will preserve that line.

  2. I see the frequent backlashes and pushback, too. It's always welcome.

    But I don't see it holding for more than two generations, tops. All it will take is one prominent "sympathetic" figure. "Ick" reactions can and will be educated away.

    The levee against will be eroded away as Christianity fades and the pagan beastliness of man reasserts itself. You see it across too many non-Christian cultures across history. It's the ugliest possible feature of original sin.


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