Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The time has come: Woke whites must return to Europe.

Because their continued presence on this continent is not only hypocritical, too often their actions are a blight on innocent people's lives.

And notably, at least one of the local whites felt guilty for summoning the police when would-be carjackers pointed a gun at him.


One man expressed regret for calling 911 after two armed teenagers had pointed a gun at him and demanded his car keys. After first justifying it, Mitchell Erickson told the NYT that it was he who had endangered their lives:

Two days after an initial conversation, his position had evolved. “Been thinking more about it,” he wrote in a text message. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

What about the fact that the boys had put his life in danger?

“Yeah I know and yeah it was scary but the cops didn’t really have much to add after I called them,” he replied. “I haven’t been forced to think like this before. So I would have lost my car. So what? At least no one would have been killed.”

Frankly, your white guilt isn't sufficient, Mr. Erickson.

You need to start making some real sacrifices. You still reap the benefits of your privilege by holding property on land stolen from the natives and benefiting from an economic system built on structural racial injustice.

Exhibit A: you hold a job that other people could do.

The time has come: quit your job, sign over the title to your car and deed your property to the victims of the collective racism of your people. Then immediately leave this land despoiled by your rapacious forebears, depart for your ancestral European homeland, and never return.

In other words, match your deeds to your words and truly atone. Otherwise, you're just another loud hypocrite looking to benefit from the system even as you claim to decry it.

Now, am I being satirical here in the sections between the italics and this sentence?

Well, yeah. But just barely. Once you consider all of the fiery indictments of America as inherently evil routinely chanted by woke white folks, rhetorically punching them in the face with the logical conclusions of their premises is essential.

But now it is more than gassy virtue signalling. If this ideology compels them to ignore rape happening right under their noses (sound familiar, fellow Catholics?) and decide against reporting armed violence, they are endangering everyone.

And frankly, there's more than a little racism inherent in this crap. Sometimes it's right out in the open.

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