Saturday, July 11, 2020

Going to be a tense weekend--or more--in Detroit.

A young man was killed by the Detroit police last night. May the Lord rest his soul and comfort his loved ones.

But I fervently hope that incontrovertible video proof the man foolishly drew first and opened fire on the police as they were trying to arrest another man dissipates the anger.

So far, open lines of communication and cooler heads have kept the protests in Detroit virtually violence-free. God grant that it continue to be so.

Chief Craig is a native Detroiter who witnessed the '67 unrest. He strikes me as a good man as well as a solid police officer. He doesn't peddle soothing party lines, and he has repeatedly shown a light touch with this summer's protests, too. All with a department that has shrunk by 20 percent since the City's bankruptcy.

But 2020 has taught us to not put money on good endings.

[Update, 7/13/2020: Happy to be wrong. The Chief getting out in front of the story by releasing the bodycam footage calmed things quickly.

Of course, that's going to raise suspicion the next time there's an incident and bodycam footage is not so quickly released, as the Free Press editors fairly note. But considering how quickly this could have gone very wrong, I am thankful for it.]

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