Friday, July 24, 2020

Sunday and Thursday.

Last Sunday, four teenagers were shot in Detroit at a block party. Two are in grave condition and two are in critical.

Except for the families of the wounded, this prompted no outrage. To my shame, I was unaware it had happened until I read this story today:

Thursday's shooting will certainly come up in today's daily protest in Detroit.

Sunday's mass shooting won't.

Because the person pulling the trigger several times on Sunday doesn't outrage anyone except the bereaved, but the person pulling the trigger once on Thursday has been turned into Public Enemy No. 1.

The connection between shootings American society could hardly care less about (Sunday) and those that prompt marches (Thursday) is obvious. But except for the families and Public Enemy No. 1, no one wants to talk about Sunday, much less protest it.

So we're going to keep getting months of them.

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