Sunday, September 27, 2020

Law360, the publication of the corporate giant that is Lexis-Nexis, has some news for you about Amy Coney Barrett.

Go ahead and guess.

First sentence:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a devout Catholic and a law professor who has developed a conservative record in her relatively brief time on the Seventh Circuit.

Four sentences later, it's Roe time: 

"Judge Amy Coney Barrett has compiled a record in her decision-making and her written opinions that show she is extremely ideologically conservative, especially on issues such as reproductive freedom and religious freedom," said Carl Tobias, a professor at University of Richmond School of Law.

Much of the debate about Judge Barrett seems certain to center on her views on abortion and the likelihood she could play a role in weakening or overturning the high court's landmark
Roe v. Wade decision that established a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. While Judge Barrett has not written an opinion directly on abortion, she has in two cases appeared to back the state of Indiana's right to impose restrictions on the practice.

But since you already know she's a certain type of devout Catholic, L360 leaves it hanging there to let you go ahead and assume.

L360 later generously admits she has her supporters, but you already know how to react by then.

The reality is, there are two types of "devout Catholics" in the political world: 

First, there those whose faith meshes just fine with the elite consensus, and are therefore acceptable. For such, they'll even smile indulgently when you get out your rosary--all you have to do is abandon your support of the Hyde Amendment and tell pro-lifers to develop "open minds" on abortion.

The second are those whose faith does not mesh as well with the same consensus. 

For those kinds of devout Catholics, only the Carthaginian peace will do. They'll come at you and your kids right out of the gate.

Can't wait to see how ugly this one gets.

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