Friday, September 17, 2021

Meme for a Friday.

Just not as hope-filled as a Warhammer 40K meme, alas.

But, yeah, 'tis our contemporary world:


Fine, some hope:

Dante, Chapter Master of the heroic Blood Angels chapter, Warden of the Imperium Nihilus and the oldest surviving Space Marine not honorably interred in a Dreadnought, doing what he does best: striking back at the encroaching darkness.

Seriously, Guy Haley's Dante and The Devastation of Baal are two of the best 40k books, period. Not a flawless Mary Sue, Dante is just a man turned into a superhuman who carries the heavy burdens that come with leadership.

Even victory can be almost too much to bear.


  1. That dystopia meme is kind of funny, but a lot of it I'm not following. Like Handmaid's Tale + Farenheit = Logan's Run? Soylent Green + Brave New World + Brazil = Gattaca?

    I mean I think I see how 451 can connect to Logan's Run and BNW + Brazil to Gattaca but some of those others are just baffling.

    Anybody else want to nerd out and nitpick the image?

  2. I think you can find all of the phenomena in the books and film at various places around the globe. The overlaps don't necessarily work, but the ingredients for each can be found somewhere in the world, which is disturbing enough.

    To take just two: Fahrenheit 451 is nascent, but Amazon yanking e-books is a good start. Plus, Bradbury's larger warning was about a world where everyone was so distracted that no one wanted to read books--and we seem to be getting there.

    Logan's Run was about the worship of youth--and whilst we are aging, there is no doubt that our aging elite population would be happy to live in such a paradise. Look at them getting transfused blood from youth, a Bathory-esque act if there ever was one.

    Hell, we're close to Soylent Green, with one start-up looking to get celebrity DNA to infuse meat. [Pukes.]

    1. lol Oh I'm definitely not going to argue with you about the "we are here" part. ;) Just my nerd brain couldn't help but twitch at the arrangement.

      You've seen the lovely people webcomic haven't you?


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