Thursday, April 08, 2021

Marie Kondo-ing your spiritual life.


There was a time not so long ago when if I had seen the Pontifical Academy for Life [sic] eulogizing Hans Kung [may God grant him the mercy I seek for myself] I would have been beside myself. 

Now I see it and say: yep. Just another Tuesday in Gangland

Of course the made men are going to toast each other--they're at the top and they're going to enjoy it. At some level, it's like getting angry at a dog taking a leak on a lamppost. It's what they do.

How did I reach this place of relative equanimity?

It's simple. I followed the Marie Kondo method: I am tidying up my spiritual life and discarding things which do not spark joy. 

And there is nothing coming from Rome which is worthy of attention unless I choose to attach importance to it. Stoicism--yeah, more than a bit.

But that's where I am: prayers for the church and pope in the rosary and liturgy and that's it. 

No intensive scanning of apostolic exhortations, CDF declarations, etc. 

Because here's the reality--the last seventy years have taught us that everything is provisional. Today's authoritative encyclical is tomorrow's memory hole ash. The catechism comes with a bottle of white-out. The laity don't have to "receive" anything they don't like. 

Orwell died a decade before Vatican II, but he would certainly have recognized the three generations of double-think which have followed. And likely laughed quite heartily at his bete-noire Minitrue-ing itself. 

You know what applause-hungry nobles who crave attention hate the most? Being ignored. 

Try it.



  1. I know what you mean. I've just taken to thinking about what is required of me- prayer, attendance, acts of mercy, etc- and have stopped paying too much attention to, well, everything. I miss the days before the internet and social media, when the Pope was just some guy who appeared on a balcony in Rome from time to time and told the crowd 'I love you, and I love you, and I love the little babies etc'. Weighing, evaluating and going over their every word, whether you agree or not, is a grinding experience, and wore me out a long time ago.

  2. Same here, I tried to avoid all that during Lent, with the exception of The American Catholic. I still spent too much time reading about temporal stuff instead of the stuff about eternity. Gotta work more on that. God bless all here.


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