Thursday, June 11, 2020

I would like to offer you a standing gentleman's wager.

I know: strictly-speaking, that would require me to be a gentleman.

But in our debased age, I am probably somewhat closer to the classical definition than many.

So, here it is:

By the end of 2025, the Knights of Columbus will no longer be known by that name

And the rationale will be clothed with terms like "inclusive" and "welcoming."

But the driving reason will be fear.

And after pocketing this concession without so much as a grunt of approval, the Year Zero militias will submit their next demand.


  1. Yes, but not very active at the moment. I was Grand Knight for several years at a nearby Council--and burned out on it.

  2. I'm a Grad Knight myself. I vacillate between thinking my guys aren't so bad and thinking that the council can only be cleansed with fire.

  3. I liked my brother Knights. There were just so few of them, and they were busy--or in other cases, very ill. One year, the Tootsie Roll Drive consisted

    As I said, burn-out set in hard.

  4. My guys are, at their worst, all excuses. They give me promises of 'Yes, I'll be there' and then don't show, or show up late, or come for a bit and announce 'you seem to have it well in hand, and I'm tired, so I'll go home now', etc. Usually the bachelors who do that. Also constantly on at me to run recruitment drives, but every time I hear from one of them 'we need more members, then we'd do more stuff' I hear 'we need people to do the stuff for us.' I've started running events that I can handle on my own, even if no one else comes out- which they usually don't- which has me questioning why I bothered to join in the first place.

  5. Sadly, I agree with your prediction and can empathize with you on the burn out. During the lockdown here in Michigan, I came to realize how much free time can be wasted. I was fortunate to work through the disturbance as normal, but not having to run after two teenagers made evening and nights seem to last forever. I missed my brother Knights and more importantly, Mass.


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