Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I contributed a bon mot and all I got was this cool t-shirt.

Devoted readers:

You can win me at least one, and possibly three, t-shirts by going over to Blazing Cat Fur to vote in the "Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch" contest. Ms. Lynch is Big Sister, the head of the Canadian Human Rights [sic] Commission, which has been tasked by the solons of the Dominion with salving the imagined and potential hurts of politically approved groups. Here's the problem with Ms. Lynch and the CHRC, in a fisky nutshell from Ezra Levant, her indefatigable foe and one of the great free speech heroes of our time, right up there with Nat Hentoff.

I've been following the battle reasonably closely and thought I'd offer my own contribution, which has the extra advantage of being a double entendre appropriate to the control-freak nature of the entire enterprise:

The CHRC: Only Jennifer Lynch Knows The Safe Words.

To my delight, it made the top 10 finalists. Come on--you can picture Mark Steyn using that one in a column, can't you? It has to be worth something. So, get on over there and win me a t-shirt or three.

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