Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, some good news on the job front.

Commenter Ed the Roman has a new job--delighted for you, Ed!

As does my neighbor Brian, who was called back to work unexpectedly by his former employer. Which, given the unemployment rate in Michigan right now, could be used in support of a beatification cause.

Thanks for the condolences on the Wings. First, congrats to the Penguins and their fans.

Yeah, it stung/stings. Saturday, I went to my kids' recital and Sunday I helped bear a canopy in the Corpus Christi procession. Oh, and I also did some productive lawn work, gardening and grilling. Rachel and I later hunted unsuccessfully for a pink platypus Webkins. We found one, but no tag to activate it online. The quest will continue today.

In other words, life went on, as I expected it eventually would.

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