Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Game Sevens are very, very bad for my cardiovascular system.

Not to mention the colo-rectal puckering.

Yikes. Shouldn't have waited to start playing after 50 minutes, boys.

Except for Chris Osgood, who kept the game from being a laugher.

Here's a crazy idea: SHOOT THE PUCK ON NET.

The record for meaningful (conference or league championship level) game sevens in my lifetime?


Losses: Pistons '86-87 (to Boston, Eastern Conference Finals), Pistons '88 (to LA, NBA Finals), Pistons '05 (to San Antonio, NBA finals).

Wins: Pistons (Eastern Conference Finals '89-'90, over Chicago); Red Wings '02 (over Colorado, Western Conference Finals).


I'm going to be even less fun to be around come Friday evening.

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