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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

God created the Detroit Lions to teach Michiganders detachment from the things of this world.

Can't think of a better explanation.



  1. No, that's why God created the San Diego Chargers. Good enough to raise hopes some years, even to reach playoffs multiple years in a row—only for them to choke and for God to snatch it all away again. (Sounds rather like Lucy promising Charlie Brown he really can kick that football this time, doesn't it?)

  2. The Chargers are perennial heartbreakers, no doubt. But at least y'all have been in a Super Bowl....

  3. As a perennial lions fan originally from Royal Oak, I can't remember the lions fielding a good team since Joe Schmidt was the middle linebacker. Their best quarterback ever, Bobby Layne was a drunk. His cursed the team when traded to Pittsburgh. ""The Lions will not win for 50 years!" He was right!


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