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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just maybe we won't have Jeb Bush to kick around anymore.

Didn't watch the debate--I heard the head moderator for CNBC was a clown. And he apparently didn't disappoint, wearing his best shoes and bringing his horn and seltzer bottle with him.

Plus, the Weather Channel was on.

But Jeb Bush got his fanny handed to him after he attacked his former protege.

I'd like to like him, and certainly would if he were a neighbor--or maybe even a Senator. But the refusal to understand that we don't want three Presidents Bush in 25 years is not endearing.

On the other hand, the guy who served up Jeb's hindquarters seems to have Lindsey Graham's hawkishness, which horrifies me. A strong foreign policy is one thing--barging into every hotspot on the planet is another. Nope.


  1. I'm focusing heavily on foreign policy this time around as well. And Jeb was a decent enough governor and certainly a likeable guy, but what you said.

  2. The difficulty is that, Rand Paul possibly notwithstanding, the entire GOP field has a neo-con tinge on foreign policy. And it's what the rank and file wants, pretty clearly. Iraq Fatigue has dissipated, and now the driving motivation is to Make America Strong Again after years of Obama fecklessness. Bomb stuff as necessary.

    So if you want something much more restrained, you will have to vote third party, I'm afraid. Rand Paul is walking dead at this point.

    All that said, I don't think there is even much appetite in the base for another major, extended combat action. If Rubio ended up in one, it would be something that got unwittingly escalated, I suspect.

    1. It won't take much to escalate it, now that we've got boots back on the ground in Iraq.

      I honestly don't know what to do--it looks like We Will Have War regardless of whom we elect. My fatigue hasn't gone away. I believe we have to throw the occasional punch, but jiu-jitsu sounds better to me than another bar brawl or four.

    2. I can possible see an argument for bombing the bejeezus out of ISIS, minimal rules of engagement. I've seen enough footage now that I believe that oxygen should be illegal if they breathe it.

      But no boots on the ground. No nation building. No training programs. Free green cards to any Christians who want to leave Syria and Iraq in the meantime. Maybe the locals can find some new warlords to put in place. It will probably take a while, however.


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