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Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Conscience of Blase Cupich.

The Ordinary of Chicago and Pope Francis appointee Blase Cupich made some waves this week when he suggested that anyone who felt they had a good conscience could receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

That prompted many questions and discussions, and was certainly intriguing considering his track record as a spiritual guide and shepherd of souls.

To whit:

He locked 220 parishioners out of their church during Holy Week and suggested it was their fault.

He forbade priests to participate in 40 Days for Life, leaving his layfolk on the front lines bereft of clerical support.

He filed a lawsuit against the Diocese of Spokane's bankruptcy law firm "to throw mud and see if anything sticks." The lack of merit of the lawsuit can be seen in the fact it was settled with a filed stipulation from the Diocese stating that the law firm had done nothing wrong.

And he said that live organ harvesting from babies was morally equivalent to unemployment.

Well, then.

I will agree with the archbishop to this extent: he's certainly not in a position to judge anyone else's conscience.

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