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Monday, October 19, 2015

That was a heartbreaker.

Up by 2 with 10 seconds left...only to lose on the last play of the game, leaving the hard-charging team with a 5-2 record.


Oh, I'm talking about my eldest son's football team losing yesterday evening after a furious comeback, 37-33.

Yes, weekend sports hell.

Oh, and Michigan fans: give it a rest. Our punter is going to be torturing himself for the rest of his life over the ending of that game. He's not playing for money, jerks.

Piling on is a personal foul in life, too.

At least the Lions aren't going to treat us to 0-16 II: Now Even Suckier.

So I got that going for me, which is nice. 

And, once again, I'm glad I ditched Facebook. I imagine people behaved as expected Saturday night. 


  1. Prior to that final play, Andrew and I were commenting on how MSU's kicking teams must suck this year for Dantonio to make some of those 4th down calls, and how that punter for UoM was doing a great job against us....

    And yeah, keep it classy, Wolverine superfans. Sheesh.

  2. Yeah, the superfans. Makes me channel my inner Denis Lemieux from Slap Shot:

    "My allergy to those f-----g fans has returned!"

  3. Speaking of classy, I have the same question as some of the commenters: couldn't this kid go after the t shirt company for attempting to profit off his likeness without his consent?

  4. Although I was a Buckeyes fan even back when I was a kid growing up in Texas, you can tell I'm a fairly recent Ohio transplant (if 10 years can be considered "recent") by the fact that the only emotion I could muster upon watching the replays of that play was a sick feeling in my gut on behalf of that punter, the otherwise detested Coach Harbaugh, and Michigan fans everywhere.

    The first person I thought of was you, Dale. Tough break, man. That's a crappy way to have to lose a game.

  5. Yeah, thanks. It was worse for my eldest son, though. He hasn't had his heart broken as often.

    All you can do is turn off the TV and move on.

  6. "He hasn't had his heart broken as often."

    I'm a Texas Rangers fan. I know of which you speak. I still consider that World Series loss in 2011 akin to a death in my family. Last week's 7th inning of horrors is just become par for the course. Rangers = choke.

  7. Speaking of Moo U, I remember when Duffy D. told John Hanna (then president) that the Michigan State football program selected their football players based on academic ability and need. "By academic ability, I mean whether they can read and write and by 'need' I mean whether we need them or not." I attended Oakland U. when it was MSUO.

  8. Know something, PE? The local baseball team has won eleven world titles. But that one was the very first one I ever felt guilty about. Funny thing was that the day after Game Six, I saw a woman in the market wearing a Rangers T-shirt. Right then, I resolved that if I was behind her in the checkout line, I would buy her groceries.


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