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Monday, October 26, 2015

Coming soon...

I'll be resuming book reviews for the Changeverse series. Going to be skipping around a bit and starting with this one.

One of the many advantages of taking the bus is that I get quality reading time.


  1. Yuck.

    I really liked Stirling's Domination of the Draka series. I think he had another alternate universe where a meteor strikes the earth in the mid 1850's and all that is left of civilization is a rump Raj.

    These never ending series or multi multi book series are a waste of my time. Nothing gets resolved and the characters and plot get stale. Need to keep this stuff to 4-5 novels tops. Reminds me of the c___ that Turtledove cranks out now... sorry...

  2. The Draka series was the one that started the ball rolling. That ending...

    The asteroid one is "The Peshawar Lancers." I think you'd like "Conquistador," too--where a WW2 veteran finds a gateway to an alternate North America yet to be discovered by Europeans.

    As to the rest--de gustibus. The advantage of the ChangeVerse is that it involves new generations of characters with each series.

    I haven't delved as heavily into Turtledove since "In At The Death," but I did like his "The War That Came Early" series. What I read of "Supervolcano" seemed curiously flat.

  3. I just finished The Tears of the Sun. I like Stirling's portrayal of Catholicism. I understand you were a source for that, so thank you.


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