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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Slam-dunk prediction.

Just "initiating a process."

"Discernment" and "accompaniment" will be the new ecclesial buzzwords, joining such revered warhorses as "dialogue" and "pastoral."

As with the older saws, both will be synonyms for "negligence," "enabling" and/or "tacit approval."

Meanwhile, Ches helps you understand why the "famous victory" is no such thing, and why changing the language always results in changing the meaning.

All translation is a mediation, not only between two languages but between the two cultures that produce those languages. And both linguistic and cultural mediation open up the eventuality that the source text will not be faithfully translated. That is because fidelity to the source battles against adequacy for the target at every turn. Some "archaic or simply incomprehensible" language (to quote Pope Francis) just cannot be translated - like 'Trinity' or 'Transubstantiation'. But what would I know, being nothing other than a phylacteried lackey?


  1. We are all protestants now and, like the Lambeth Conferences does, we now will decide Doctrine by Democracy.

    We are following the Lambeth Conference footsteps right into the moral quicksand; it began by voting in favor of the sin of contraception if it was committed for good reasons and we are headed the same way by voting in favor of a process where individual Bishops can meet with adulterers yadda yadda yadda and everyone knows those meetings will result in Communion for adulteress - after adulterers can become Lectors, become Godparents etc

    Synodalism is the triumph of Satan and even though Catholic World Report has posted a piece by a professor claiming that Bergoglio is reconnecting with Tradition by the Synodalism he desires, that is a flat our absurdity for when did former Synods debate settled Doctrine and and when did former Synods allow public heretics to return to their sees to continue poisoning their flocks?

    And if you think the revolution will ever let a Synod debate the Lil'Licit Liturgy, Communion Standing, Communion in the hand, Restoring the Offertory to the Mass, or a million other aspects of Tradition which have had the sacramental of defenestration applied to them, then you do not realise that the Revolution values and preserves their triumphs and only the Commands of Christ are allowed to be debated and voted upon.

    ABS knows we disagree, Mr. Price, when it comes to Our Pope and Our Cross, for ABS considers him an AntiChrist, but ABS does thank you for letting him rant and rage here and he will return to his own crummy blog to bellow and stomp.

    pax tecum, Sir

  2. "Discernment" and "accompaniment" will be the new ecclesial buzzwords, joining such revered warhorses as "dialogue" and "pastoral."

    If I may borrow from Justin Welby we also have, "good disagreement" "Human flourishing" and "differences" (as if the differences were equal and a style issue). Before him Rowan Williams used the phrase "living into the tension" which reminded me of Hegel. I would also add, "nuanced" as in "Can't you see the king's clothes?" and "divisive" as in "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out"

  3. Dale,
    As I think more about this, isn't the main problem "discipline". The doctrine in the Episcopal church was in place but the rouge bishops were not disciplined, the revisionists installed women priests and gay bishops. They put the facts on the ground and never really needed to come up with an argument from tradition or scripture. Thus, heresy became orthopraxy. The Roman Catholic Magisterium is only good if lived by and enforced.


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