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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just a little chip.

The Pope is a fan of starting processes--religious and political:
God manifests himself in historical revelation, in history. Time initiates processes, and space crystallizes them. God is in history, in the processes. 
We must not focus on occupying the spaces where power is exercised, but rather on starting long-run historical processes. We must initiate processes rather than occupy spaces. God manifests himself in time and is present in the processes of history. This gives priority to actions that give birth to new historical dynamics. And it requires patience, waiting.
Read paragraphs 84-86 of the final synod document with that hermeneutic in mind.

Also, remember what the progs did with the built-in ambiguity of the Vatican II documents

Celebrate the glorious triumph accordingly.


  1. Jorge Bergoglio is, indeed, a malignancy.


  2. Bergolio is an AntiChrist whose heretical quote is a malign mendacity.

    His haughtiness has reached astonishing heights as one would expect even a nominal Catholic to know that Revelation ENDED with the death of Saint John.

    He can kiss the Irish-Algonquin ass of ABS who ain't going anywhere.

    ABS will stay in the Church and fight him tooth and nail. It ain't his Church.

    The One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church has as its head, Jesus Christ, and Bergoglio is headed for hell if he does not repent and abjure his many manifest heresies

  3. Can't say as I agree with either of the above comments.

    I think it's sufficient to note that he's (1) an obvious progressive, (2) not remotely in the intellectual class of his immediate predecessors, (3) a tiresome scold and (4) is leading the Church in a retrograde manner.

    Of course, in most Catholic circles these days, such comment are equivalent of calling him a malignant antichrist. But, still.