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Monday, October 05, 2015

The Gathering Storm.

Michael Brendan Dougherty spells it all out.

My prediction is that, after much fixing and machinations by its leaders, the Synod on the Family will declare that the Holy Spirit led them to a new understanding of the truth. The Synod's leaders will adopt the position that those living in second marriages, irrespective of the status of their first marriage, should be admitted to Holy Communion. This is commonly called the "Kasper proposal" after its author, the German Cardinal Walter Kasper. 

The Synod will likely leave the details of a "penitential period of reflection" for these souls up to local bishops and parish priests. The leading bishops will assure critics that in fact no doctrine has been changed, only a discipline — even if these will make no sense when considered together.

But make no mistake, the Synod will make the sacrilege of the Eucharist St. Paul warns against an official policy of the Roman Catholic Church. And in the process the Synod will encourage the breakup of more marriages.

Certain theologians will cheer this as a radical break. They will declare this change of discipline to be what the critics alleged all along: a rupture within the tradition of the church, a change in doctrine. They will say that this glorious event proves the church is capable not only of developing its doctrines, but also of evolving them into something new, even something that contradicts the old. 

Those who had made themselves enemies of papal authority for decades will become a new kind of ultramontanist. The papacy that had been the final guardian of the faith will now become an ongoing oracle, dispensing new gospel teachings that our Lord and the Apostles missed.

The church's teachings on contraception, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex must all be subjected to this evolution, in light of what we know about how people actually live. How they ought to live is a moot question.

Over the top? Maybe. I'm not one to talk on that subject.

Be that as it may, all the signs are there.

For what they are worth, my thoughts more or less align with MBD's.


  1. As do mine. I am greatly fearful. Mostly because so many will see this as a reason to abandon the Catholic faith instead of realizing that She still has the fullness of Truth despite the traitors within. I am beyond sad at the thought of all those who souls are put in peril by the very shepherds who are supposed to guide and guard them. I am a sinner and would be damned if not for a Church willing to speak the truth about my soul and my Savior.


  2. Why should one fear a God Who is only portrayed as a loving and gracious God? However, God is also Holy and Sovereign. With a God that is only loving, there is no judgement, no eternal damnation and no need of a unique Savior Jesus Christ.


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