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Thursday, October 08, 2015

What's the point of having children if you can't torture them with puns?

We purchased this book for Rachel's birthday, and it arrived yesterday. Our middle daughter is a Rick Riordan fanatic, to put it mildly. FWIW, I've read the first five Percy Jackson books, and can recommend them. Riordan slips in some sly commentary about our times here and there, and it's a hoot.

Anyhoo. So she has her long-awaited tome, and I ask: "Do you like the book?"

Rachel: "Oh, definitely--and I was surprised by whose child Magnus Chase is, too!"

Me:  "I guess you can say it Ragnaroks your world, then?"

Rachel: [Glare.]

Dale III, approvingly: "Oh, that's horrible, Dad."


  1. Yup. Purchased it the day of release right after homeschool boxing - carrot having been do all school work & practice piano. I have to admire him though - when HP books came out, my daughter would stay up all night to read it. He's being very disciplined and rationing out his pleasure - he still hasn't finished it by today! (Friday)

  2. Ah, your household also has a Rachel-Glare-Of-DEATH!

    It's amazing how much practice that gets....

  3. Yes, we too have The Glare Of Rachel.

    She seems to use it a lot, yes...


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