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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of the Synod Fathers gets it.

So far it's just one, but hey: 

A number of Fathers also spoke earnestly about marriage preparation. Many considered pre-marriage formation to be seriously lacking. One Father suggested that the bishops themselves needed to penitentially admit that they had failed to provide formation for the lay faithful in this regard.

You mean, instead of airily stating that half your flock's marriages are invalid in the same tone you'd note an unexpected cold front, you instead suggest there might be a leadership failure....?


  1. Yeah, well... I remember the same feeling when one of them suggested during the big meeting about The Scandal that the bishops ought to engage in some public penitence regarding their colossal failure.

    It lasted about 30 seconds.

  2. And I suspect this brave, honest man will be the outlier. The post-Vatican II narrative of renewal and deepened ecclesial self-understanding prevents the honest facing of certain unpleasant facts.

    Still, it was heartening to see that it's possible for the it-getting to occur.

  3. The above is me--Blogger was weird there.


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