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Friday, May 11, 2007


The short of it is that they think Heather has blood clots. She can't draw an even moderately deep breath without serious pain, and she has pains on the left side of her chest even without breathing deeply. They are doing a scan on her legs right now to see if there are any clots there, which is why I was able to get home for a moment. Heather has always been healthy, isn't remotely overweight, takes care of herself and has no history of health problems, so this is right out of the blue. They're going to do another scan on here that will reveal clots in the chest (if any), but the best case scenario is sometime tomorrow, and if not then, not before Monday. Consequently, Heather's being admitted for a minimum of a day, quite probably longer.

Big, huge impossible-to-quantify thanks to our neighbor Shelly and her family. Shelly took Heather to the hospital and is watching the kids until my mom and dad get here. God bless them all.

Now the scary part: treating blood clots with thinners does no favors for the baby. So, yeah, we're both scared, not sure what is going to happen here. I'm staying with her tonight at the hospital.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. This woman means the world to me.

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