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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That's my girl!

We went to the Detroit Science Center on Sunday afternoon with the Siekierskis. There's a lot to do there for families, including live presentations every two hours where some scientific principles/concepts are explained in a fun way. Sunday's show was about the Solar System.

Madeleine was geeked. So geeked, that when they called for volunteers to participate in a quiz show, she sprinted toward one of the podiums before being called. The staffers remedied that by calling her up to Podium Number 3. Maddie was the youngest by two years of the three kids participating. You had to buzz in to answer the questions, too.

Six questions were asked. Final score? Madeleine 3, the tall kid 2, and the other girl 1.

I'm not proud or anything.

Thanks to Matt for the photo. The young chap intently watching the proceedings in the foreground is The Boy.

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