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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The twilight struggle.

CourageMan weighs in with a powerful post about the spiritual struggle, leavened with insightful quotes from St. Josemaria Escriva. My favorite St. quote:

"A Christian is not a neurotic collector of good behaviour reports."

Here's a handy insight of mine into the male psyche, as I near 38 years sans umbilical cord:

Men are instinctive Pelagians. We don't want help, we don't need help.

I can solve this.

No big deal.

I can do this just fine, thank you.

I'm OK, really.

I'll manage: I always do.

I'm fine.

If I wanted your damned "help" I'd ask you for it, now go away and leave me the Hell alone!

There's a stubborn pride in that, and it often serves me well. But in the wrong situation, it can be a killer. There's going to be a lifetime spent learning this. Moreover, I couldn't learn it at all without grace--no matter how hard I might try.

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