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Friday, May 04, 2007

Equal Time for Orthodoxy.

An Orthodox bishop in Chicago has responded to the Weigel column of a few weeks back.

The main point is a fair one:

While [the] Orthodox may be more conscious of the lack of communion with Rome, this may not be so negative as Mr. Weigel implies. This means, at least, perception of the problem. Perhaps the thought of "how one stands vis-à-vis the Patriarch of Constantinople" and other Orthodox primates should be on the minds of more Roman Catholic sisters and brothers. Perhaps then the absence of "one lung" will be recognized as a debilitative condition, while the necessity of communion and reconciliation with Rome's sisters will be felt to be a serious need. Without the perception of brokenness, there can be no change of mind. Without the perception of need for change, without the desire to fill the absence, reconciliation will not occur.

[H/t to Rich Leonardi, who kindly sent this to me.]

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