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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Update III.

She's not coming home today. The pulmonary and internal medicine specialists have determined that she needs more evaluation, though they are certain it was a clot. The phrase "life-threatening" was used at some point, and I distantly filed it away.

Heather is in relatively good spirits, except for the fact that she misses being at home. I'm taking her CD player and some music later. The heparin helped quite a bit, but she's still hurting in the same area (she compares it to a bruise, as opposed to yesterday's agony). She underwent a scan that the doctors flatly admit may not reveal anything. If it doesn't, then we have to consider either (1) a spiral CT scan, with a shield for the baby, or (2) anti-clotting shots every day until she delivers. Our ob/gyn will give her input on (1), as there is at least a theoretical risk to the child by using it.

We'll have the scan results later.

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