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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The one down note at the Center.

We studiously avoided the wildly-popular Our Body exhibit, the most popular presentation of any kind in the history of the Center.

I'm not going to slag on the Center, which runs a great operation and has been overtly friendly to homeschoolers like ourselves.

So what's the problem with the exhibit? The introduction given to the crowds heading up to the presentation acknowledges that the cadavers come from China, but assure the viewers that they come from "voluntary donors."

Um.....Our Cold War instincts served us pretty well. They reminded us that, in addition to a monstrous propensity for bloodshed, Communists had a less-than-nodding acquaintance with the truth. We've lost those instincts, unfortunately. Sadly, the memory of Tiananmen Square, with tanks literally crushing peaceful protesters, has also faded. In other words, there is ample reason to be skeptical of the term "voluntary." What better way to rid yourself of some irritating non-conformists and rake in a little hard Western currency in the process? I'm sure Kim Jong-Il is kicking himself sideways at missing the boat. Nevertheless, the Center still has plenty to offer, and makes it easy to avoid the exhibit (save for the advertising).

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