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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Referee time out.

Look. As far as policing the combox goes, I act like the alpha male of a lion pride: I sleep 22.5+ hours of the day. The remaining time, you don't pays your money, you takes your chances. I have been especially distracted the last 72 hours or so, and this blog is very low priority right now, having seen my wife hospitalized and all.

For the uninitiated and/or forgetful, here are The Rules.

Number 1 is especially important to me, given the fact that the email addresses are revealed to no one but my own self, the Basileus of This Blog. Anonymity/odd nicknames are fine. But I need proof that there's someone at the other end. Genuine email addresses display an acknowledgement of accountability and willingness to take ownership of one's words.

Number 4 is also important, and Franklin sent me an email properly apologizing for the language and his conduct in the exchange, in addition to the apology left in the combox. Zach Frey and his family I know in person. As in he's a dear friend. As in Rule 6.

Look: Franklin used insulting vulgarity and has manned up by apologizing for it. INS: Reciprocity, even given the fact you were truly wronged, would be appreciated. Another one of those infamous trad foibles is an ultramontaine sense of one's own infallibility. Irony....

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