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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If there is any justice, they will rot for many, many decades.

Vegans get life sentence for starving their six week old baby son to death.

Sacrificing their helpless child on the altar of their selfish, odious, patently-brain-dead-yet-oh-so-trendy beliefs. Here's hoping that what they say about the fate of babykillers in prison is true.

Too harsh? Tell me if you think so after hearing the sperm-donor wallow in self pity:

When the judge told the defendants they could ask for a new trial, Thomas hung his head low.

"I'm dying every day in there," he said, "and that could take three years."

No, you stupid, whining, self-centered asshole, your son--your helpless little gift that depended entirely on you for love and protection, a gift millions far more worthy than your worthless self plead with heaven for yet mysteriously never receive--your son, damn you--is the one who died. In helpless, uncomprehending agony.

May you linger, many, many years.

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