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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Translation: We have a flock full o' morons!

That's really what the Bishop's position boils down to. Again and again, it's "We're stupid, and because it's our dumbed-down, race-to-the-bottom, soundbite culture, we're proud we're stupid!

Welcome to Ignoramus Pride Day!

Not to mention Celebrate Comatose-Lazy Week!


Can't Be Bothered to Get Off My Dead Pew-Ass to Learn Affirmation Month!"

Wow--now that's some gutsy leadership. Better to be satisfied with flawed, mediocre worship texts than to do the hard work of teaching.

Pastoral, adj. Of or relating to the imperative to avoid unpopularity or bad press.

Except, of course, when it's inclusive language--then, well, let the consciousness-raising begin! Bust out the electric cattle prod and move the benighted herd into the shining day of enlightenment.

The one consistency in this position is that the liturgy--and by extension, the Church--has to follow culture, and not shape it, much less preserve her Tradition in the face of it.

That's not the idea.

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