Friday, December 17, 2010

About that Chinese economic miracle...

...sure is building a lot of empty places. As in entire cities where no one lives.

Thomas Friedman, call your office.


  1. It's a Potemkin village, all right, on an enormous scale.

    These top-down systems without a built-in feedback mechanism can accomplish enormous things in the short term; but the faults are uncorrected and they build exponentially.

    You hear more about India's problems because India's problems -aren't- swept under the rug. Which is why India is a more formidable long-tern competitor.

    China is yesterday's tomorrow. These are its best days.

  2. S.M.:

    I completely concur with you. I wrote a post in Catalan at my blog about how India was the real winner of the 21st century. I cited several reasons but the most significant is that India is taking seriously corruption and is doing its best to combat it.
    By contrast, China isn't taking corruption seriously. In fact, the regime has ruled that corruption is an internal party matter and thus off limits to the non-cadres.

    There's a book I want to get my hands on called The Party: the Secret world of the Chinese communist rulers.

    I've read some extracts at the bookstore and it seems quite solid and sound. Sure beats throwing up every time Thomas Friedman writes a repugnant fawning articles on China's greatness. How he can win 3 Pulitzers while I'm an anonymous blogger beats me

    One last thought, the 1 child policy is now beginning to wreck havoc on China; at least India still has a youthful population despite the male/female disbalance



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