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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Communism is not healthy for children or other living things.

The management of the Empire State Building offers a tribute to a profoundly evil regime.

Communism: Wow!

The ChiComs have racked up a body count that would have made Tamerlane blanch.

Buy this, read, and re-read until it either sinks in or your guttering excuse for an "intellect" gives up the ghost. In any event, it's hard to make stupid comments while reading. Even if your lips are moving.

And if for some reason you don't give a rat's ass about the people, note well that China is doing what all communist regimes have done, namely, a superb job of making a desert of itself. Not to mention the neat trick of changing rainfall patterns through air pollution.

Contra noted blithering idiot Tom "Red China is Really Green!" Friedman.

[As an aside, Friedman's choice of Sputnik is ironic, given that China is rapidly heading the way of Soviet Russia, in economic and demographic terms. The Chinese just do a better job of selling the stats. Actually, Sputnik is a clear case study in how not to respond to potential threats--all of the screaming and yelling about the orbiting transistor radio/erector set ended up with a pointless race to the moon. Which has done what exactly? Don't get me wrong--I love the story of the American space program, but we haven't done a lot with it lately--it's kinda like owning a vintage Corvette you take out of the garage for a couple of weeks in July.]

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