Monday, December 13, 2010

Bzzzt! I'm sorry, that's crap.

The Big Ten announces its new Divisional alignments: Legends and Leaders.

My thoughts:

Dear Lord. That pretentious bongload of self-regard is the best you can do?

Dumb. Terminally stupid.

Reboot and try again.


  1. Geez, even Beavis and Butthead would have been better choices than those. And the Big Ten wonders why they're not taken all that seriously...

  2. It's bad enough they can't perform basic arithmetic. And the logo's almost as amateurish as the division names.

  3. Considering I'm a fan of the new laughing stock of the Pac 10/12 (Cal Bears), I probably shouldn't talk, but yeah, Legends and Leaders... the Big 10 (with 12 teams, not to be confused with the Big 12 with 10 teams) is officially the laughing stock of the BCS conferences with that one.

    I'll bet anyone $5 that the names won't last 5 years.


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