Thursday, December 02, 2021

The Women Show the Way.

The Women's Tennis Association cancels its Chinese tournaments in protest of the treatment of their colleague and probable rape victim, Peng Shaui.

Here is the statement.

It shouldn't be remarkable, but it is.

And in related news, cheers to the students at the Catholic University of America, who have secured a commitment to divest from companies profiting from the destruction of Uyghurs

Watch them like hawks and make sure they do it, student activists. It's going to take unrelenting pressure and years to achieve. 

And now to the boos: the unutterably corrupt International Olympic Committee wonders what the fuss is. They talked to Peng and she sounded great!

Christiane Amanpour, committing journalism, notes that the IOC hasn't bothered to release the video of the call.  

And, finally recognizing that they are being seen as the cash-worshiping whores they are, the IOC insists they really care, had a second call with Peng and are engaged in "quiet diplomacy."

Translation: they are going to grind their teeth at the WTA, fake empathy and pray to Mammon it all blows over.

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  1. And fellow traveler, LeBron James goes right along for the ride and the $. Sportsmanship anyone?


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