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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The next wave is upon us.

Michigan sets a new daily record for coronavirus cases

2,030 in a single day.

Hospitalizations have been creeping up, too, but not to March/April levels.

Colder weather and this scourge seem to get along famously, unfortunately.


  1. The numbers are up in our County too. Do you suppose having nine new, free testing locations, four in libraries, has anything to do with the increase of numbers? Increase testing and increase cases. Not, mind you, of people who show signs of being sick or need hospitalization, but cases. An illness so terrible you need a test to know whether or not you have it.

    That being said, I know someone who died a week ago from it. He was in really great health but he was also 79. Once of his sons, mid 50s, was in the hospital as of a few days ago with it.

    I remember reading of the first person who they tried penicillin on. He was a gardener and was nicked on the face by a rosebush thorn. It grew infected. As a last ditch effort to save him, they used penicillin. He started to get better then they ran out of the penicillin. He grew worse and died.

    Some die of covid, some by flu, some in car crashes, some by heart attacks and some by rosebush, etc. No one gets out of this life alive, so it's best to be prepared for the next life.


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