Thursday, May 05, 2011

The chickens...have come ROOST!

--Said in the voice of the President's former pastor.

You know what's sadly funny, painfully ironic, and richly deserved: Spirit of Vatican II progressives objecting to nasty comments about their age.

No, no--it's not nice to make the comments or see them made. I myself hope to grow old. But in this case it's rough justice. These are, after all, the folks who said out with the old, goodbye to all that, sing a new church--and took hammers to the sanctuaries and torches to the rules to do it. And they're still raging at the older men in the Vatican.

But the tables have turned, as they usually do. Now that they've reached their retirement years, they're shocked at how nasty the kids are these days.

They learned it at your feet, folks. They watched your crusade against the past, your determined iconoclasm and overheated rhetoric. This was a new day, and called for new ideas, freeing yourself from the shackles of antiquated theology and dead tradition.

And yet you're shocked when you're on the receiving end?

Fitting. Unpleasant and over the line, but fitting.


  1. 90% of the comments there are nothing but ad hominem attacks. They truly are a bitter group of wailers and gnashers of teeth...or maybe gums. Ok, dentures.

  2. Whenever I see a Call to Action video on YouTube (what can I say, I'm a sucker for punishment?) I always note the average age of the attendees is north of 50, at least.

    It's not a slam against their age, goodness knows I've got plenty of relatives in that bracket, but an observation:

    An observation that the only people attending these anti-Church, nonsensical "worship" services and workshops are not the future of the Church.

    Young, conservative, and orthodox IS.

  3. Talk about "round up the usual suspects"...

    Oh, and this:

    In preparatory work for the Detroit conference, the American Catholic Council has held numerous listening sessions ...

    sent a shiver down my spine. Not the listening sessions! Oh, the humanity!

  4. i hope someone in the NCR comments area made your point, Dale. The kind of disrespect the older dissidents dislike so much is the kind of disrepect that those same dissidents showed to their elders when younger.

    It's not peculiar to either end of the spectrum. I think everyone's parents and kindergarten teachers tried to teach us to be kind and polite, but only a very small group of people remember those lessons consistently.

    If i were to go back in time and meet myself when i was in college, i'd probably be tempted to pop myself in the mouth.

  5. "Don't trust anyone over forty" is the sort of slogan that's bound to turn against you, if you live, and not very much fun to escape, if you don't. :)


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