Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who's the "Islamophobe" again?

"Think about it: if the average Joe expresses anxiety over Islamic fundamentalism, they’re called Islamophobes. But if an editor removes a comic in which Mohammed isn’t even present, that’s not honest to Allah Islamophobia?

Look, the media can’t have it both ways. They cannot criticize the public for concerns over Islam and then pull this stunt over a fear they may get stabbed in front of a Starbucks. If their governing principle in the newsroom is fear, then they should admit it and get the hell off our backs for feeling pretty much the same way."

--Greg Gutfeld, commenting on the Washington Post's decision to pull a cartoon that mentioned Muhammad.

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  1. Yo, Dale!

    I agree absolutley with Greg Gutfeld. And this liberal groveling to and appeasing of Muslims is not limited to the US. Just look at the recent trial of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands for the hideous crime of accurately quoting Muslim scripture and criticizing Islam.

    And take a look at Andrew McCarthy's article at National Review Online about how this appeasing of fanatical Muslims endangers our Constitution.

    Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks


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