Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Overheard in a Lone Star Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio, yesterday evening.

"How can you call this a 'Lone Star' when you don't have any Texas beer?"

"Bonnie Prince Charlie was a lot sharper than most people give him credit for."

"I'll have another Heineken."

"The Jacobites and the Confederacy: you really have a thing for lost causes, don't you?"

"Except for the Palestinians."

"There are times when a Bud Light is a perfectly acceptable beer."

"His mama named him 'Cassius Clay,' right?"

"Rocky Marciano only accepted cash and only paid with cash."

"I'll have another Heineken."

"His real name was 'Rocco Marchegiano.'"

"'A Clockwork Orange' is a very moral film."

"Muhammad Ali got his showman's persona from watching Gorgeous George. He noticed that even though not everybody liked GG, his matches were always sold out."

"I'll have another Heineken."

"And so he declared all foods clean."

"I don't want to see a blond James Bond."

"You're not finishing your ribs? That's sacrilege!"

"A film featuring a scene where one guy pees on another was probably not the best way to introduce an aunt to French cinema."

"Five in five years. Yeah."

"I'll have another Heineken."

"Roger Moore was to James Bond what Basil Rathbone was to Sherlock Holmes."

"You look like Cameron Diaz."

"Sounds like the DirecTV guy was there a suspiciously long time."

"Don't call them 'Quebecois'--gives them more respect than they deserve."

"They found the marijuana in stuffed in single-serving kids' cereal boxes, and the boxes professionally wrapped in cellophane.

"I'll have another Heineken."

[Many thanks to the roundtable participants. A good time was had by all.]

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