Thursday, May 12, 2022

I cannot imagine the fear parents are facing with the formula shortage.

We were blessed with the fact my wife was able to nurse all of our children up to about for roughly 13-15 months on average.

While we never had to worry about formula, it was always there. "Breast is best but formula is not abuse" is a proverb my wife routinely quotes to moms facing the nursing vs. formula question. And we know two children who would not be here today if formula had not been an option.

But in 2022, the formula is not there. Especially for babies with digestive issues.

Baby formula is essential for baby growth. Many babies or mothers are not able to breastfeed or have other nutritional needs. 

Emrie Colegrove's daughter, Wilhelmina, has a heart condition and uses soy formula. That has been something difficult for Colegrove to find. For the past two months, she has not been able to find the one her daughter tolerated well in stores. 

"With her heart condition, calories and weight gain are super important," said Colegrove, "Otherwise, her heart won't heal. So. when you think as a mom, those million thoughts just go through your mind. It's really scary to think that your baby is not going to get the nutrition that they need."

She was able to find a generic brand at one store, which she has been using.

However, she also wants people to understand that the correct formula can be pricey, if it is not covered by WIC. Plus, driving to multiple stores with climbing gas prices adds up. 

"I can't believe how much worse it's getting before it's getting better," said Colegrove.

 There are no words. 

The FDA just allowed the nation's largest baby formula plant to release specialty formula on a case by case basis

But while every little bit helps, a little bit isn't enough.

And the shutdown is especially grating given this fact:

Last month, however, the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told NBC News none of the bacterial strains taken at the Abbott plant matched those collected from the infants, and the agencies haven't offered an explanation for how the contamination occurred.

Top men. 




  1. But wait! There's more...

    1. I am in wait and see mode. It would not surprise me in the slightest, but some of her supporting pictorial evidence has been conclusively debunked.

    2. Actually debunked or "hunter's laptop" debunked?

      Because if false, Abbot and Biden both are acting like it's true. I'm legit surprised neither pushed back with "it's a lie" if it was.

    3. the link is so illustrative of the conservative/libertarian attitude toward people in trouble. Why don't those migrants buy infant formula like everybody else? If they are unwilling to do so, let their infants get sick and die.

    4. Todd I am always in awe of your ability to deceive and weasel. But then I've realized that there is no bar so low that commies won't dive under it. Congrats on your sliminess.

      Oh and if you want to complain about the interpretation, I have provided you exactly as much charity as you have provided others.

  2. The WaEx piece appeared in my morning news feed too. Not really surprising that the 1% wants to be sure the poor whites aren't aligning with PoC to pressure Abbott or resist the profiteers. And let's face it: the US hasn't been much better than a third world country where mothers and infants on the lower end of the economic scale fare.

    By all means, though, let's make sure health-care-for-profit and its insurance bedfellows keep their shareholders happy.


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