Saturday, April 09, 2016

Clive Staples is certainly looking more prescient after yesterday's bomb-laden logorrhea.

"The real reason I cannot be in communion with you [Catholics] is not a disagreement with this or that Roman doctrine, but that to accept your Church means, not to accept a given body of doctrine, but to accept in advance any doctrine your Church hereafter produces. It is like being asked to agree not only to what a man has said but also to what he is going to say."

Now, of course, those who told me that the pope could do no such thing will now attempt to convince me that it's fine since the pope did it.

Reducing Catholicism to nothing more than the cult of the current chairwarmer.

Put another way: wait 35 years for a more congenial cleric, and the pillar and ground of the truth will tilt in a different direction.

What's the point again?


  1. Here we were thinking Hell would try to get through the gates when we should have been watching the front door.

    I won't attribute ill motive to the Pope and I am not writing he is a deliberate agent of Father of Lies, but to pretend he is not a disaster for the Church and the faithful is to put our heads in the sand. To claim because he staunchly defends certain Catholic teachings his seemingly abandonment of others should be glossed over is wrong.


  2. Dale, I very much understand your concern and struggles. I'd like you to consider reading
    Amoris Laetitia from a different viewpoint. Read it thinking about what you believe the pope WANTED to say versus what he actually said. Hopefully that will give you some more trust in the restraint that the Church is putting on Pope Francis' excesses.

    This document doesn't say much of anything of a doctrinal nature. It alludes to a lot of things and uses proximity to imply some things, but it is in fact a muddled mess of nothingness, doctrine wise.

    In the years to come this document will be forgotten.

  3. The point is this: Jesus never guaranteed that a fool would not become Pope. Sometimes, when things are bad at work, it's best to bail and get a new job. What to do when things are bad in the Church? Tough it out. Work out your salvation in fear and trembling. Tune out the Pope. Ignore his blatherings and exhortations. He and those he has surrounded himself with will one day answer for what they have done, as I will answer for my sins.


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