Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Because Man Cannot Live on Bile Alone.

Being a little worn out and dispirited over comboxing (at Jay's, primarily, and also the invaluable American Catholic), I'll instead point you in more positive directions.

First, to returned-to-blogging CM (I may be nuts, but Heather isn't, so keep that in mind), and then to the one-of-a-kind Robert Stacy McCain, whose blog should be on your must-read list, if it isn't already. Don't miss CM's dismantling of a cliched seafood argument, and the latter offers a thoughtful and jocular rumination about sexual sin and redemption-in-progress that's also must reading.

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Well and truly tired of this.

Edward Feser is an admirable thinker and superb digital pugilist. He makes the Thomist case with considerable energy, and is a welcome read....