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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

We're not all like this, I assure you.

From the Everyone Needs A Hobby Dep't., a Michigan man became the first person to ever survive a trip over Niagara (Canada) Falls without a life raft, barrel, etc.

Kirk Jones is a quiet man, keeps to himself....

His family said he probably was feeling stuck in a rut -- laid off from the family business and bothered by his parents' retirement move to Oregon last week.

"He's not a coward. But an Evel Knievel, he never was," said Raymond Jones, his father.

"I don't know . . . if life became so boring, he wanted to change his life," said Raymond Jones. "I guess he has. I don't know whether he has for the better."

Killing Buckwheat was all he ever talked about:

"He did it because he wanted to be in the Guinness Book of Records. He talked about it for a month," his brother, Keith Jones, said Tuesday from the Canton home he shares with Kirk.

Keith Jones said his brother wasn't mentally ill or trying to kill himself by flinging himself into the falls.

"After this, I would have to say that he's insane," said Keith Jones. "He was quite calm and rational when he talked to me. He just had it in his head to do it, and I guess he did it."

Interesting factoid about Falls jumping: No one has ever survived a jump over the American Falls--too narrow and too many rocks. Someone will probably try to make hay out of that one.

"Canada: Even our waterfalls are kinder and gentler."

Still, Canadian authorities are planning on charging Mr. Jones. That strikes me as the wrong thing to do. He survived a trip over the Falls without a life jacket! Hire him as a mascot/spokesman and have people rub his stomach for luck instead. Suggested first stop: Comerica Park.

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