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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Maybe the center can hold after all.

Something nigh-unto miraculous is occurring in Florida:

The legislature has given Gov. Jeb Bush the ability to order the reinsertion of the feeding tube in certain cases--including Terri Schindler's.

More significantly, the good men and women of the Florida Senate re-worked the bill in anticipation of a challenge by Michael Schiavo's attorney and all-around ghoul George Felos, which seems to have accounted for the delay in the Senate vote. Interestingly enough, the reworked legislation garnered more votes in the House than the original version.

Bravo and thanks to Gov. Bush and the men and women of the House and Senate who acted with lightning speed.

Whether this will (1) be in time to prevent permanent harm to Terri and (2) be sufficient to withstand the ghoul's inevitable challenge remain to be seen.

Continued storming of heaven remains warranted.

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