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Friday, October 03, 2003

Like a skunk at a garden party.

Some people just can't take a hint, it seems.

People like Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA, Frank "Can't Parse This" Griswold.

Griswold, a major source of greenhouse gases and a man whose flair for bafflegab can be compared to ether, simply "must" participate in the consecration of an auxilliary bishop for an Episcopal diocese that can't stand him. While no doubt irritating to faithful Anglicans, normally this would be no skin off the Catholic nose, so to speak.

The catch? Because of space concerns, the Episcopalians were planning on using a church in the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine. All well and good, as this batch of conservative Piskies gets along pretty well with their southern mackerel-snapping neighbors, and both are trying to emphasize the "brethren" in "separated brethren." Alas, neither side had reckoned on the unannounced arrival of a very, very separated brother.

Alas--Enter The Griswold. In a newspaper article, the Grizz announced that he was going to be participating in the consecration. As is his wont, he also extemporized on the new received wisdom that permitted the elevation of Mr. New Hampshire.

Oops. First, it's a little peculiar that Frank wants to go to the Episcopal Diocese of Florida. After all, it's clear that the Floridians think he and his coupmates belong in a ward for the theologically insane.

Second, Catholic Bishop Victor Galeone, with a better grip on scripture than the Grizz and the Constitution than the Ned, said no way. Frank can watch--preferably from the Uecker seats--but if he wants to put on his big hat and join the festivities, the Anglicans can take it to the KOA.

Galeone said Wednesday he was revoking the invitation after he learned that Griswold planned to officiate.

"Many of my people would be deeply offended to learn that an Episcopal bishop, who holds a position that is radically opposed to what both the Catholic Church and Scripture teach about homosexuality, is using one of our facilities," Galeone said.

For starters, three cheers for Bishop Galeone! In our day of hurt-no-feelings ecumenism, this takes some guts. May his tribe increase--by about a hundred.

The graceful solution would be for Forcefield Frank to take a seat in the audience. Alas, after much lip-biting reflection, yin-yanning and rehearsing for the mirror, he decided he just can't do that:

"My ministry as presiding bishop calls me to do all I can through my office and personal presence to help us all realize that, in spite of deep disagreements, we are one in the body of Christ," Griswold wrote. "I have been called to serve the whole church as presiding bishop, not only those who hold one view or another."

Er, well, it seems that your office bears a great deal of responsibility for the split, Frank me boyo. Moreover, it's an odd notion of unity that pretends there's common ground between the bedrock principles of Scripture as the Inerrant Word of God and Scripture as So Much Quilted Two-Ply. But, that's not a Catholic problem.


Here's hoping Bishop Galeone sticks to his guns and Frank parks his Forcefield O' Unity in a pew or activates it at the Best Western. Something tells me Florida Anglicans would be at least somewhat satisfied with either result.

As with all things Anglican, make sure to check out the Midwest Conservative Journal on a regular basis [all of the above CofE links were obtained from the site]. Erstwhile-Episcopalian Chris Johnson has made it is duty to cane the Grizz at every available opportunity, and he does so in an inspiring fashion.

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